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Website promotion steps
Preliminary analysis
Website search engine promotion
Monitoring of website positions

Website search engine promotion


Our specialists, who have successful working experience in the sphere of websites promotion, have studied ranking algorithms patterns of search results, provided by leading search engines. They also keep continuous monitoring of changes, occurring in these algorithms. Accumulated knowledge allows us to implement effective measures on successful website search engine optimization. Some of these measures are listed below.
1. Website structure optimization
Not all websites are equally indexed by search engines. Completeness and speed of indexing are influenced by many factors. Generally, these factors are stipulated by restrictions, imposed by search engines upon websites indexing. Optimization of website structure includes full complex of measures, some of which are the following:
  • Removal of redirects and session IDs in addresses of pages;
  • Replacement of links, that are not indexed by search robot (for example, by means of java-script, flash, etc.), by indexed links;
  • Replacement of page’s dynamic IP address by static one;
  • Restriction of non-informative pages and sections of website indexing;
  • Site map usage;
  • Transfer of some website’s sections with rapidly growing content (forums, bulletin boards, etc) to independent subdomains;
  • Generating correct HTTP headers, first of all, HTTP status code, character set and date of modification.
2. Website pages optimization includes:
  • Measures on distribution of keywords in text, service tags and tags’ attributes, which are included by the search engines when detecting the document’s relevance to the query;
  • Recommendations on website filling with new content that is relevant to the target queries;
  • Design (if necessary) of specific advertising informational pages, filled with content that is highly relevant to the queries, while considering the specific character of some search engines.
3. Work with external factors
Today almost all search engines, identifying relevance of a document to a query, alongside with text and document’s service components consider so-called external factors, for example, document’s citation by other documents, which are in base of search engine (so called document’s “authority”), presence of keywords from query in the text of links on the document, etc. Some search engines (for example, Yandex) also consider website’s description in their own directories.